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Intuitive Readings with Laurelei

I love doing psychic readings using a variety of tools. I find this to be a wonderful way to help my clients gain quick insight and clarity into questions that are on their minds. I read with Tarot and oracle cards, shells and bones (and casting lots), Runes and Ogham staves, pendulums, talking boards, as well as several elemental scrying systems. I'm also clairvoyant and clairaudient, as well as a psychic medium, so I often receive messages through Spirit without the use of any tools at all.

When you book a reading with me, I might stick to one tool throughout the reading, pull from a "Council of Oracles," or channel messages mainly through Spirit. It's very important that you understand that neither you nor I really decide which tool will work best for us in the session. We both may want one thing, but the message may be coming through another way.

What I can PROMISE is that I will always tell you the truth of what I hear/see/feel, and that the TRUTH that I sense is an accurate snapshot of unseen forces at work around the important questions on your mind. (Disclaimer: If the important question on your mind isn't the important question you asked, the truth I share might not make sense at first. Give it time to unfold. Sit with it. Spirit has a way of making itself clear.)

You can use the PayPal link to the right to book your reading. I only book in 30-minute blocks now. After years of doing this work, I've learned that 15 minutes just isn't enough time to unpack the symbol-rich messages from Spirit.

When PayPal notifies me of your payment, I will contact you to schedule the reading. I'll usually email you (from laurelei@asteriabooks.com) within 24-48 hours. Occasionally, though, I'm on retreat and don't get cell signal in the woods (and wouldn't want to, as that would defeat the purpose of retreat). Please be patient and know that I am never ignoring you. We will schedule as quickly as possible.

We can do the reading via Skype or Google Hangouts as an audio or video call, your choice.

Many of my clients love this feature! Sign up for a monthly subscription and save $5 on every reading. That adds up to ONE FREE READING A YEAR! Can't beat that! Your subscription is managed through your PayPal account, and you can cancel at any time. Better yet, you can have a standing appointment for your reading, if you like. So you always know that your spot is secure well in advance.



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